More Space in an Open MRI

Step aside from your preconceived notions about how an MRI scan is and how it works. While all MRI scans are based on the same machines and science, there are different types of machines for a good reason. When the MRI first started, the machines were small inside and this was very limited space. There was a maximum size of a person to fit in. Also, many people with the fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia) cannot tolerate the standard sized MRI machine.

When the latter is the case, IV sedation can be offered to the patient. Often, this does work. Other times, it does not work well or at all. The only solution is to find an mri Orlando with a large open field. These special MRI devices are built to work the same as original machines. The only difference is that the field is larger so any size person can fit in. There is no chance of claustrophobia in this kind of machine either. There is plenty of space to breathe, look around, and move around if necessary.

Comfort is an important aspect of many medical tests. Imaging tests do not come out as clear if a patient is restless and nervous. The same is true for other tests. With calmer patients in the large field MRI, radiologists are able to capture pristine and clear images for the best diagnostics possible. As physicians work together in a team, treatment strategies will be created and implemented to assure recovery. Your need for comfort is met while the proper test results for diagnosticians are delivered. Everybody wins.

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For more information of open MRI, check out some sources online. Find the clinics offering these premium MRI services in your area. Don’t leave testing to chance because of fears. Get the best medical testing available.